Do Good It’s Friday

Right now, the Salvation Army is launching a new campaign to give America another reason to be thankful for Fridays. Or maybe a million more reasons. We’re calling it DGIF – Do Good It’s Friday.

We’re calling on you to start thinking of Fridays in a new way —as an opportunity to do something good for someone.

  • Give a loved one a nice card, just because.
  • Compliment a colleague on a job well done.
  • Sneak your child’s favorite candy bar into her lunch bag.
  • Buy a burger for the homeless man on the corner.
  • Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed.
  • Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk, without even asking.
  • Volunteer at a local Salvation Army.

The ways of doing good is endless! Start by spreading the word about #DGIF using the hashtag and get the word out!

Join us in the #DGIF movement, and let’s make Winnebago County a better place for everyone! If you would like to Do Good by making a donation to The Salvation Army click the button below.


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